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"This is a must for anyone who wants to be a dance instructor, have more students or even open a dance school..."

¿What if all the content to teach bachata was...

"Made-for-you"  ?

Well, here are some great news...

Now you can get ALL the content you need to make an impact as a Bachata dancer or even Teacher.


The most important Top movements.


Overcome common Mistakes and Difficulties.


The Key to connecting movements.


Creative strategy and how to create new movements.

Here it is...


"Bachata Pro Secrets" is a DIRECT bridge to generating more knowledge, students and income with Bachata lessons. 

Why? Because you are getting a strategy for EVERY SINGLE STEP you take in your bachata career.

That is right!

You are getting ALL the most important steps... The most common mistakes and their progressions, how to connect figures... How to create movements... and a Final Secret Project...

¡IN ADDITION MORE content you need to boost your career and bachata classes.

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As a part of our marketing campaign previous to the launch, we want to get your opinions and testimonials, and we decided to offer "Bachata PRO Secrets" for the special price of 67,00€ = 5,60€. Naturally, this offer can not last very long, so... catch it while you can!

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Are you intrigued by what you are getting?

Here are some recent comments from our clients...

"It is like having a MENTOR with you 24/7 giving you a step-by-step Bachata class..."

Let me guess...

¿You have been thinking about teaching bachata for a while?

¿You are frustrated because you know you can give results but haven't started?

¿You don't know how to get the life you have been dreaming of?

Here is the thing, you deserve to be able to show and prove what you can do...

And you deserve the opportunity to teach.

Let's be real, if someone could be in your class and learn from you...

They would dance way better and level up the social dances, making your town cool and attracting more people.

Here is the catch:

You don't have the right mentality yet... or the confidence... to create an effective bachata class that brings a constant flow of students.

And with more and more competition these days, standing out from the crowd is harder than ever.

But don't worry, here are the good news ...

"Bachata Pro Secrets" will solve these problems

... ¡almost instantly!

We have taken everything we have learned in the past 10 years as bachata sensual specialists, and we have shaped it into high value quality content.

Attracting more than 50,000 students for events and bachata classes, we have been able to figure out exactly what kind of methodology works best... and most importantly, what doesn't.

We have presented it all for you, step-by-step, so you can easily connect with our bachata content already checked by academies and festivals... let's see how your knowledge skyrockets!

You will never have to guess or improvise what to say in your classes, or how to win your student's trust, or how to get positive feedback from students... because it's all here, you can start immediately.

- Luis & Andrea

It is this easy...

Get immediate access to ProSecrets and its many modules. Get the Bonus content and download them if you want to see them offline. 

Check each Module as you finish them.

You can test yourself with an exam after each section.

Start dancing Bachata with a deeper understanding and teachi bachata at an advanced level.

Here is a summary of the incredible modules with all the content made for you, and you will get it  today for only  5.60€ ...


Get a good look at the newest top 10 movements that will make everyone want to be in your classes.


The most common mistakes that almost every student makes and how to help them progress professionally.


How to connect classic movements and create new combinations. With our creative stategy your mental and creative capacity will skyrocket.


We will give you our methodology to create NEW movements from zero. Step-by step-explanations so you can become a creative example for your students. 


¡Surprise Ending!
A project to test yourself and put into practice everything you are taking with you.

Those are A LOT of cool things, ¿right?

Here is a sneak peek at a fraction of the material...

Here is our famous
90 days "no questions":

¡Money back warranty!

Our warranty is simple.

Download the full "Bachata Pro Secrets" today and try it out yourself. If you don't immediately notice a potential growth in your knowledge, let me know. We will gladly give you your money back. No doubt. Or keep it for longer...

Keep it for 90 full days if you want. Even then, if you are not growing your Bachata knowledge, or you are simply not satisfied, for any reason, contact us, and we will give you your money back immediately. This is the fairest way we know to prove how effective Bachata Pro Secrets is. 


¡Your special FREE Bonus!

BONUS #1 - "The Perfect Class"

"How to prepare
The Perfect Class" 

Total Value: 57€

This step-by-step planning is all about how to create the perfect class for your friends or students.
People will be thrilled to attend your classes and recommend you.

¡Get it for FREE today when you request access to your copy of "PRO Secrets"! 

BONUS #2 - Checklist "Experts" 

"Bachata Experts" 

Total Value: 57€

This Checklist will test your Bachata knowledge all the way from its traditions to its evolution into modern days, so you can have correct professional answers to your students questions. 
Perfect to have high-quality conversations with professionals without being afraid!
(It is in multiple choice exam format)

BONUS #3 - Footwork Pack 

"#12 PRO practices"
Footwork for Warmups

Total Value: 97€

After learning all there is to know about the structure for the perfect class, you will need a good practice pack with footwork, warm-ups and cheer-ups.
In this bonus, you will have access to an individual practice pack that will better your style in a fun way.
It is a perfect go for doing the animations at events.

BONUS #4 - Bachata Glossary

"Bachata Glossary" 

Total Value: 57€

During private classes, we have realized a lot of instructors don't know many of the essential terms for dancing.
In this "glossary" you will find a selection of essential terms for a professional in Bachata, to be able to call things by their name and never find yourself in compromising situations. 

BONUS #5 - TOP Bachata Songs

"Updated TOP Music Playlist " 

Total Value: 19€

We receive new songs from Dj's and producers every week for us to use in our videos, and only some of them have made the cut for this playlist.
We have created the ultimate Bachata Playlist with the best songs.
You will be able to find Bachata songs from everywhere in the genre and of course a lot of new remixes that you can use in your classes and motivate everyone with the songs you play.

Get it for FREE today when you request access to your copy of "PRO Secrets"! 

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Get it all today for only 5.60€ ... 

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Frequently Asked Questions

¿Why is it only 5,60€?

The usual price of "Bachata Pro Secrets" is 67.00€... BUT as a part of our marketing campaign previous to the launch, we want to get your opinions and testimonials, so we are giving it away for 5,60€. Sadly, we can not announce it at this price for very long, so... catch it while you can!

What is "Bachata Pro Secrets" exactly?

"Bachata Pro Secrets" is a direct link to new knowledge, students and income through bachata classes.

Get a strategy for EVERY STEP in your bachata journey.

You will get the most important TOP movements... The most common mistakes and their progressions... How to connect movements... How to create movements... and a Secret Final Project...

¡AS WELL AS the bonus content you need to grow in bachata and develop your classes to the fullest.

Who is "Bachata Pro Secrets" for?

"Bachata Pro Secrets" is designed for anyone who wants to start their bachata career or anyone who wants to boost their classes or content to the next level through knowledge.

Is there a limited time to finish the course?

No, once you get the course, you have lifetime access to the videos and all the material. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of time at the moment.

How will I access the material?

You will find everything in our E-learning platform, where you will have your own account with user and password.

You will access content like videos and templates available for download.

How can I get help if something goes wrong with my purchase?

¡We are here to help you succeed!

Please contact us via email at:



What if I decide this is not for me?

Download the full "Bachata Pro Secrets" today and check it out yourself. If you do not learn anything new, let me know. W will gladly give you your money back. No doubt. Or keep it for longer... is up to you.

It's simple,

You can even keep it and think about it for up to 90 DAYS. If you are still not convinced after that time, haven't noticed improvements, or you are simply not satisfied, contact us and we will give you a refund. ¡This is a way for us to prove how effective  "Bachata Pro Secrets" really is and how much we believe in it!

"We will break down ALL the secrets of 

 Professional Bachata Instructors"

Here is a quick review of ALL you are getting today for only 67,00€ 5,60€ ...


Bachata Sensual Instructor


Bachata Sensual Instructor

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